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A director like Robert Rodriguez is a rarity in the motion picture industry: a big-budget visionary with a frugal do-it-yourself mentality. The director's first movie, El Mariachi, set new rules for the industry when Rodriguez created it for under $8,000. Rodriguez and his crew of artists at Troublemaker Studios consistently buck Hollywood's trend of producing bloated budgets. Project after project, the team at Troublemaker produces relatively low-cost films that maintain the creative integrity and grandeur of the director's vision.

AMD & Troublemaker Studios
The creative and technical wizards at Troublemaker Studios use AMD64 processors to create and render more intricate objects, backgrounds and characters even faster than before. "AMD64 processors allow us to produce dailies for Robert that even more closely resemble the final product," says Alex Toader, a visual effects artist for Troublemaker. "AMD64 processors are designed to also give us speed. You just can't have enough speed, especially in post-production." AMD64 provides Rodriguez with processing power that allows him to keep his creative focus sharp.

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