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The art of visual storytelling called pre-visualization allows George Lucas the freedom to visualize his ideas to see whether or not they work before staging large-scale productions. The production company behind the breathtaking visual effects of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, JAK Films handled a broad array of production responsibilities, from pre-visualization — which involves 3-D match moving, 3-D modeling, lighting, shading, texturing, compositing and rendering techniques — to pre-postproduction. Using AMD64 technology, JAK films enabled Lucas to maintain a higher level of creative control over Star Wars: Episode III during the entire production process.

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AMD64 processor-based systems helped JAK Films and George Lucas shave time and money off the multiyear and multimillion-dollar Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith project. "AMD64 technology provides an uninterrupted creative flow in everything from designing galaxies and futuristic cities to choreographing action sequences that take place at hyper-speed," says Daniel Gregoire. "The unprecedented power and reliability of AMD Opteron™ processor-based systems enabled the team to complete sequences in a matter of hours that used to go back and forth for weeks. The net result is an entirely new and more efficient way of moviemaking."

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