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Built from the ground up, AMD64 technology with Direct Connect Architecture™ helps you break free to new levels of productivity. AMD64 processors offer maximum processing power. They're also cool, quiet, and energy-efficient. Whether you've got a Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ processor inside of your workstation or an AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core processor powering your desktop or notebook, you have the opportunity to use the same kind of processing power that the pros use to create blockbuster films and Grammy™-winning music. Discover the AMD advantage for yourself and take your imagination to new heights.

The days of the 32-bit, frontside bus architecture are over.
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The Power of AMD Multi-Core
AMD64 processing power works at the speed of your imagination. Watch Video.
What the Professionals Are Saying About AMD Technology

Daniel Gregoire Daniel Gregoire
"AMD64 technology finally provides a platform that can deliver cinema quality HD content not only at the theaters but also to people's homes."
Peter Frampton Peter Frampton
"Working with AMD has been a different experience for me because as well as having the 'Speed of Light' when using Nuendo 3, their involvement and support for the whole creative environment with ease of operation is second to none."
Phil Ramone Phil Ramone
"AMD Opteron™ processors provide incredible speed in a professional environment. System dependability is always the hope of uninterrupted work. It has met the new standards we dream of."
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Star Wars: Episode III
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Daniel Gregoire and JAK Films reinvent digital filmmaking for George Lucas with AMD64 technology.
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Peter Frampton
Peter Frampton
Peter Frampton gets the analog sounds he wants using his digital audio workstation powered with AMD64 technology.
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Phil Ramone
Phil Ramone
The chairman of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences uses AMD64 processor-based systems.
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